Greg can tackle any design brief but his bold illustrative style and 
iconography is often sought after in the following specialist areas:​​​​​​​
Whether for a one-off campaign or for a permanent installation Greg’s murals are a memorable way to convey a message or tell the story of a brand. Greg works from a wish-list of icons to include and draws them up individually before working them into a large scale format. Most often he starts with a pencil sketch which is approved by the client before creating the vector artwork. This ensures that amendments are kept to a minimum. The murals are usually printed onto vinyl and applied directly onto the surface. Vinyl is an economical and long lasting solution.
"We absolutely LOVE our mural at Lotto NZ HQ & so do our visitors & winners!"
McDonalds Summer Campaign 2016
Guidewire (USA) 2019
Lotto NZ 2018
Ponsy Kids
Packaging is the consumers first impression of a product and is also a small space to tell your story. This is where Greg’s illustrations can really help your product jump off the shelf. His ability to capture the essence of a brand with simple icons or more complex scenes or montages is a great way to get that message across loud and clear.
Zesti 2017
Good Buzz 2019
Nespresso 2016
McDonalds Summer Campaign 2016
Good Buzz 4 Pack 2019
Greg's clean vector illustrations can translate detailed information into a simple visual format resulting in a clear and memorable message. From complex diagrams in annual reports to demonstrating simple processes, Greg can produce impactful infographics in a variety of styles.
Contact Annual Report
Auckland Council
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Contact Annual Report
Meridian Annual Report
Fletchers Annual Report
Greg has been asked to create artwork for a number of high-profile publications. These are often detailed cover illustrations that bring together a number of elements that are relevant to the edition or more simplified icons that enhance the key messages in an article. Either way Greg’s editorial work will be a memorable addition to any publication.​​​​​​​
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